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The American Legion was established in 1919 by Congress and is a veteran-based organization that has grown to be the largest organization of its kind. There are currently over 14,000 communities participating and serving America through the American Legion. This organization believes that freedom does not come free, but rather, is achieved through our fighting military men of this great country. We provide service officers to aid in filing benefits claims for veterans and their families, along with assisting veterans once returned from active duty. The American Legion strives for a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to this country.


The American Legion takes great involvement in such issues as employment and economics. The National Economic Commission ensures that the veterans of America receive opportunities in their work and environment to provide the necessities needed for themselves and their families. They work with such organizations as the National Organization on Disability, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, the Veterans Organizations Homeless Council, and the Senior Corps of Retired Executives.




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4 Pillars of the American Legion